Welcome to Debate-Ed

Debate-Ed is an educational programme that aims to bring debating to students across Shropshire. The Core Programme involves training sixth form students (Mentors) to deliver fun and engaging workshops at local secondary schools. The workshops explore a variety of topics, such as the death penalty, whether advertisement of unhealthy food should be banned and whether schools should fine parents for the bad behaviour of their children. The subjects chosen supplement the curriculum that the children are learning and the skills that they develop will greatly enhance their ability to speak persuasively and to analyse different topics and arguments.

We deliver 10 interactive workshops per school as part of the Core programme and also offer a crash course of between 1 and 3 workshops. The aim is to help students to develop their skills and to increase their confidence when speaking in front of their peers and others. The workshops include a variety of games and activities that are designed to get the students talking and thinking critically about a range of topics. Students are encouraged to adopt the PEEL method to structure their arguments so that for each Point, they include a good Explanation, a supportive Example and effectively Link their point to the overall debate.

Mentors lead the workshops in the schools that are enrolled in the Core Programme and assist at the annual competition. Being a Debate-Ed Mentor is a great opportunity to learn about leading a group and how to teach. Mentors take on a lot of responsibility for the workshops and are able to develop a wide range of skills, many of which will be useful for college and university studies. Mentors are recruited from sixth form colleges in the Spring for the following academic year. If you would be interested in becoming a Mentor please click here to find out more

‘Learning to debate has really helped their public speaking; there’s a significant emphasis on this in the new English GCSE. We loved the fact that all the debates were current, relevant and interesting.’


‘It was brilliant to develop a link with a local business and for pupils to be able to get an insight into potential career options. The pupils were well taken care of and there was a lot of thought put into their enjoyment of the programme. It’s one of those absolutely vital opportunities that is so worthwhile to afford to pupils of all backgrounds.’