Debate-Ed is an educational programme that aims to bring debating to students across Shropshire. The Core Programme involves training sixth form students (Mentors) to deliver fun and engaging workshops at local secondary schools. The workshops explore a variety of topics, such as the death penalty, whether advertisement of unhealthy food should be banned and whether schools should fine parents for the bad behaviour of their children. The subjects chosen supplement the curriculum that the children are learning and the skills that they will develop will greatly enhance their ability to speak persuasively and to analyse different topics and arguments.


  • Expand the students’ and Mentors’ general knowledge about a wide variety of topics and current issues

  • Teach students skills and techniques that will make them more persuasive

  • Help the students develop the confidence to express their views and question the world around them

  • Train Mentors to teach others and to lead a group

Our Sponsor

Lanyon Bowdler, sponsors of Debate-Ed

Lanyon Bowdler are supporting this programme as it will promote the development of children’s confidence and skills in the local area. The art of debating is obviously relevant in the legal world, but presentational skills have become increasingly important in many other areas of employment and we, as a firm, consider that children will benefit considerably from this type of initiative. At the same time, we consider this to be a great way to engage with the community and support education in the area.

“This is a unique programme that fulfils the need for children to develop the ability to speak persuasively, to analyse material and to form considered and intelligent opinions.”

‘The Debate Ed programme is a great opportunity for students to develop their presentation skills and confidence with public speaking which is a valuable tool for progression to University and employment. We are very grateful for the time and commitment that Holly provides for this programme.’

Catherine Armstrong, Shrewsbury Colleges Group

‘Holly is a pleasure to work with, her Professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm for the Debate Ed programme and the students she works with is a credit to her.’

Lorraine Burrage, Shrewsbury Colleges Group