My Obligations

Being a mentor is a big commitment. If you agree to be a mentor, you will need to meet your obligations as outlined below.

  • Training

As a Mentor you will need to commit to attending the training sessions. These will cover the subject matter you will introduce to the students and the teaching methods you will employ.

  • Before Your Workshop

Before each workshop, mentors will need to read through the provided training materials and come prepared to lead their workshop. This may involve doing additional research into topics you are unfamiliar with, and meeting up with your partner.

  • Weekly Workshops

You will be assigned a school for the duration of the programme, and will need to attend your weekly workshops during the school term. You will do this with your partner and you will need to work with them to deliver the workshops.

At the weekly workshops, you will have to lead entertaining and interesting activities to support the children’s development. You should be enthusiastic and willing to engage fully with the topics that are being raised.

If you are ill or otherwise unable to lead your workshop, you will be responsible for notifying the programme leader and your partner of your absence. Please do this as soon as possible so alternative arrangements can be made.

  • After Your Workshop

After each workshop, Mentors will need to provide the programme leaders with their thoughts and feedback from their workshop. This can include what went well, any problems or difficulties you encountered, and any ideas you might have for the next workshop.

While you are supporting the students, it is the programme leader’s responsibility to support you, so please feel free to contact them with any concerns.

  • Competition

At the end of the programme, all the schools will take part in a debating competition.

You will need to support your school’s teams throughout the competition and will have the opportunity to judge at this competition.