Skills You Develop

As a mentor you will have the opportunity to develop a number of skills. You will be provided with all the training materials you need and supported throughout the sessions.

In addition to the skills outlined below, you will also have shown prospective employers or universities that you are prepared to take on additional responsibilities outside of college.


As a Mentor, you will lead a group of students from your assigned school and help them develop debating skills, culminating in a competition with other local schools. You will lead a debating workshop every week for the duration of the programme, which will involve helping the students to engage fully with a range of activities. You will need to effectively manage the workshops so that all of the activities and topics are covered.


You will need to listen carefully to the points the students are making in order to teach them how to improve by giving constructive and useful feedback. You will learn how to analyse what someone is saying so that you understand the points they are making and the speaking techniques they are using to express themselves.


As a Mentor, you will need to present new ideas to the students and help guide them through various activities. You will be given Powerpoint presentations to guide the students and will need to explain things clearly and thoroughly.


You will learn how to explain things effectively, to give constructive feedback, and useful guidance. You will be supported in this by the programme leader who will periodically attend your workshops.


You will need to analyse what is being said in a debate to help support the student’s development. This means understanding what the students have said and whether it was effective or could be improved.


You will need to work with your partner to help deliver the workshops. The students will also work in debating teams and you will need to support and encourage good teamwork amongst the students.

Being a mentor is a big commitment. If you agree to be a mentor, you will need to meet your obligations as outlined below.